15 Celebrity Pets & Their Popular Owners

10. Leo & Cara Delevingne

We can’t decide who is cuter between these two. Cara Delevingne is our sweetest supervillain from the movie “Suicide Squad” that everybody knows. But you probably want more info about Leo? Well, Leo is from mix breed and he is adopted by Cara as a young puppy. We definitely can’t stop staring at this fluffy little thing.

One Of The Best Celebrity Pets - Cara's Dog

9.  Koji & Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of our favorite celebrities, can you guess why? Of course, because of Koji. This tiny fella is probably the best thing you are going to see today on the internet. He is not just her huge fan he also follows her everywhere. It seems like Lady Gaga is very devoted to her French Bulldog and can’t stand being without Koji.

Koji Is Definitely One Of Those Celebrity Pets

 7.  Toulouse & Ariana Grande

Toulouse is one of that celebrity pets that are probably equally famous as their popular owner. He is Beagle-Chihuahua mix, adopted from a dog-shelter by Ariana. His life since then is on a good track and he loves every second of it. Toulouse is also a dog model for the famous brand “Coach” from New York. Let’s admit, Ariana and Toulouse are stunning.

More Famous Than All Celebrity Pets

 6. Tess & Tom Holland

T&T what a pair. We can see these 2 everywhere together and they always seems pretty happy. Our new “Spiderman” and his adorable blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier are an example of what love should look like. This is one of his tweets about Tess while he was away from her. Is this one of the cutest celebrity pets?

One Of The Cutest Celebrity Pets

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