15 Celebrity Pets & Their Popular Owners

What a mix of the two most trending things right now in the world (Pets & Celebrities). But what about celebrity pets and their popular owners? Quite interesting. Everybody has at least one celebrity in their lives whom they respect, idolize or admire. We can see their face, hear their voice every day on the news, at tabloids, on the internet. Sometimes even at home you can hear about them and their personal life.

No matter how famous they are, don’t forget they are humans. Which makes them not so different from the other, they all have pets as you and take care for them and their needs as everybody else. Just like their popular owners, this celebrity pets are so charming, cute and all of them seems to have that x factor. From the photos we can see they enjoy in each other company and love to share with their fans.

Lets Take a Look at Some Great Story About Celebrity Pets

15. Pippa, Puddy, Penny, Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

This pair is clearly in love with French Bulldogs. Pippa and Puddy were their first dogs’ and now they have another sweetheart in their family, a three leg Penny. We can’t say nothing more than a good job done by Chrissy and John. These 3 puppies  won our hearts and that’s why they will have that honor to start this list.

Celebrity Pets With Popular Owners

14. Tina, Buckley, Brennan, Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake

The most famous couple on earth casually walking their dogs’ is something you want to see every day. It makes them look so down on earth type of people. They have 3 dogs’. Tina is a Pit Bull and her friends Buckley and Brennan are Boxers. We definitely love this couple even more after we found out about their celebrity pets.

Celebrity Pets With Popular Couple

13. Dali & Hugh Jackman

It seems like the French Bulldogs are very often breed among the other celebrity pets. Just like John Legend and Lady Gaga, it seems like Hugh Jack man definitely is a fan of 2 things. Spanish Art and French Bulldogs. When you mix this 2 things you end up with a French bulldog named after the famous Spanish painter – Salvador Dali.

And for those people who are huge fans of Wolverine, we suggest clicking on the following link to see him walking with Dali.

Celebrity Pets With Super Heroes

12. Meatball, Matzoball, Babu & Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler has a huge connection with Bulldogs. His first bulldog was Meatball and some of you may recognize this dog from the movie “Little Nicky”. In 2004 Meatball passed away and left Sandler in huge sadness. Meatball was not just a dog for Adam, he was also his best man at his wedding. When Meatball died, Adam held a memorial service at his home. Matzoball is the second dog with a name similar in pronunciation with Meatball. He was also a bulldog. Matzoball died during a surgery in 2008. That came as another shock for Sandler and left him in tears. But he came back strong and now he has a third Bulldog who is simply adorable and he loves to call Babu.

Celebrity Pets - Matzoball & Babu

Celebrity Pets - Deceased Meatball

 11. Graham & Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is not just our favorite singer, he is also deeply in love with his kitten. Ed once tweeted “I’m glad that we live in a world where my cat has 60k followers on Twitter. You can find Graham’s twitter account here. Graham is not famous as his Owner but he definitely is one of the most popular celebrity pets that we have on this list.

Celebrity Pets - Graham

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