10 Famous Dogs On All Social Networks

5. Marnie

They are not just a famous dogs’ they are also very cute and interesting to observe. Marnie belongs to one special breed, that we humans call Shih Tzu. Almost all dogs’ from this breed love the same things. They love to interact with human beings, they love to play, to run, to sleep, to eat, they love everything you love and the most amazing thing is that they’re all fluffy. Marnie loves to dress like a human celebrity and to make us laugh. Keep going Marley, we love you gal. You are definitely one of the most famous dogs on this planet.

Marnie - Famous Dogs

Instagram -> Marnie The Dog

6.  Bodhi

Bodhi isn’t famous like the rest of the dogs from this list, but he is quite recognizable because of his stylish look. If you were on the internet and you came across by Menswear dog then that is our Bodhi. With more than 600k followers on all social platforms, we would like to present you the next star of the Internet. Bodhi is Shiba Inu just like Maru.

Bodhi - Famous Dogs

Instagram -> Menswear Dog

7. Mishka

Mishka is not just one of many the famous dogs, she is one of the few dogs that have huge talents. This dog is known as Mishka the talking dog. She belongs to Husky breed and is definitely one of a kind. You can’t become lonely with dog like Mishka, she can say stuff like “I love you”, “I’m hungry” things that will entertain you all the time.

Mishka - Famous Dogs

YouTube Channel -> Mishka The Talking Dog

8. Neville

Neville Jacobs is Bull Terrier who is very funny and charming. He have more than 250k followers on Instagram and the numbers only will grow in future. Why? Check it out. The content is pretty awesome for every gender from 7-77.

Neville - Famous Dogs

Instagram -> Neville Jacobs

9. Crusoe

Crusoe belong to one specific breed of dogs called Dachshund’s. He is not just a social media celebrity, he also has his own New York Times Bestseller Award. If you are a fan of Ellen Show then you have probably seen this Celebrity Dachshund. He is quite amazing and very active on all social media platforms. His 500k followers on Instagram are living proof of that.

Crusoe - Famous Dogs

InstagramCrusoe Celebrity Dachshund

10. Dougie

Dougie the Shih Tzu is one of the most famous dogs from this breed, just like Marnie. When you look at Dougie, you can’t escape to ask yourself. Is he even real? He is very real just like his 500 k followers on Instagram, that can’t get enough of his unreal photos. He and Marnie are not related, but indeed they did have met more than once. If you follow their accounts regularly, from time to time you can see a photo of them hanging out, with a sweet caption under the photo.

Dougie - Famous Dogs

Instagram -> Dougie The Shih Tzu

Quite interesting, right?

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