10 Famous Dogs On All Social Networks

Sometimes all we need is a list of the most adorable and famous dogs, so we can relax from that terrible week at work. On this planet we have many human celebrities, but did you know that we also live among dog celebrities? Yes, it’s true. They make more money than most of the people. Your next question probably is going to be, how did they manage to do that? Well, it’s not easy to be famous on the social networks in your start when you have so much competition.

Bodhi - Famous Dogs

First you need to gain your account with thousands of followers. Those fan you can get only if you are very active socially. At the beginning they all were just an ordinary dogs’, but now they enjoy in their fame with the owners like no one else. If you want your dog to be among the famous dogs then maybe you should start following some of this accounts.

Enough talk, if we got your attention then you probably want to see some of the dogs’ we are keep saying you about.

1. Maru

We are going to talk about so many dog celebrities on all the social networks. Maru is one of them. He was never just a regular puppy. Maru is from the Shiba Inu breed, and they are quite alike Akita Inu. With more than 2 million followers on Instagram Maru is definitely Japan’s most famous dog. On the following link you can check out all the fun adventures he is having out there. We are glad that they decide to share this awesome content with the rest of the World.

Maru - Famous Dogs

Instagram -> Marutaro

2. Boo

When you think about famous dogs the first one that will pop up in your mind is going to be Boo probably. We first saw this dog long time ago and we are very sorry to inform you that Boo is no longer among us. He passed away in September, 2017. He was 14 years old. Boo is probably the reason why today we enjoy in so many dog’s appearance on the social networks.

Boo - Famous Dogs

His Facebook Fan Page now have more than 17 million likes and is still active. If you are only on Instagram then that shouldn’t be a problem. His Instagram account is not so famous as his Facebook Fan Page, but it’s pretty solid. With more than a half million of followers.

Facebook Fan Page -> Boo

3. Jiff

Another Pomeranian that will leave you speechless. Jiff is one of the famous dogs with most followers. Before you start saying that Jiff is copycat of Boo, we would like to mention that Jiff is also a Movie Star and YouTube sensation.

Jiff - Famous Dogs

His first appearance on a movie screen was while filming filming famous movie franchise “Adventures of Bailey: A Night in Cowtown“. Perfect movie for your Sunday afternoon with your family.

Why A YouTube Sensation?

On their YouTube channel you can find many viral videos with Jiff doing some dog tricks and funny stuffs. His YouTube channel has more than 200k subscribers, but his Facebook Fan Page have one and a half million likes. That is probably nothing when you compare those 2 accounts with the Instagram account, who has 7.1 m followers. Which is remarkable.

Instagram -> Jiffpom

4. Manny

When you talk about famous dogs you can’t skip Manny the Frenchie Bulldog who have more than four million followers on all social media platforms is definitely quite interesting to watch. If you didn’t know, Manny has his own App on Google Play which is also very wanted by the people and is pretty much highly rated with 4/5 stars.

Manny - Famous Dogs

Instagram -> Manny The Frenchie

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