10 Common Things In Your Home That Can Cause Trouble To Your Pet

5. Batteries Are Very Bad For Your Pet

This isn’t a surprise because we all know that batteries are full with toxic materials that can cause serious injuries on animals. Cats are safe on this one, but dog owners should pay a little more attention on their TV remote and of course on his batteries.

Batteries Are Very Dangerous For Your Dog

Here you can find out more about the damages that batteries can do

4. Poison For Herbicides or Pesticides Are Deadly To Your Pet

The poison we use to kill herbicides and pesticides is too dangerous for any animal, especially for dogs’ because they lick their paws and according to statistics 54% of the dogs that were poisoned last year is because of this kind of poison. It’s best for everyone if you clean their paws after a walk.

Poison for Herbicides is very dangerous for your dog

3. Keep Your Garage or Basement Always Closed From Your Pet

If you want your pet really to be save then you should probably keep your pet out of your basement or your garage. Why? Because from all the things in your home that can cause trouble to your pet this one is on top of that list.

The Basement or Garage can be very dangerous for your pet

Our garages and basements are full with unnecessary stuffs. There you can find different types of oil, some liquids and heavy tools that can hurt your pet very much.

2. Marijuana Cookies Are Not Good For Your Pet

You are probably stunned that you see this on the list, but we are living in an era where this is a thing and lots of the young people experiment with stuff like this.

Marijuana Cookies Are Very Dangerous For Your Pet

It’s not funny and it’s very toxic for the animals. So if you end up in this kind of a situation, then you know what you got to do! Stop that action immediately.

1. Food Meant For People Is Not Healthy For Your Pet

This is a common mistake we people do because of those adorable eyes that warms our heart. And on the other hand dogs’ sometimes can be really annoying when you have a family launch. So you better not pay attention so it will stop occasionally. If you feed them with your food, you are not doing anything good for your dogs’ safety you are just slowly killing them.

Homemade Food Is Very Dangerous for your pet

There is a reason why we have food that is suitable for dogs’ and cats’.  Animals don’t have the same organs like people have. For animals it is more difficult to digest some of the food we humans eat. Chocolate it’s very dangerous for animals, but these things can be as much as dangerous as garlic, onion, eggs, raw meat, pepper, grape and nuts can be for their health.

Make sure that these things in your home that can cause trouble to your pet you will eliminate or hide away from your pet. This article can be useful for people who like to prevent things right on time and not to regret later.

Have a nice Day from Animals Universe!

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