10 Common Things In Your Home That Can Cause Trouble To Your Pet

In this world we can find two types of people. People that love animals and people that don’t. We at Animal Universe care for all sorts of animals not just for dogs and cats. Lots of owners out there love their pet like it’s their child.

Plants That Can Cause Your Pet Trouble

Many of them are curious what can cause trouble to their beloved ones. Others people are not enough informed for stuff like this. On this list you can find some common things in your home that can cause trouble to your pet.

10. Plants Can Cause Trouble To Your Pet

This is probably shocking for everyone. We all know that some plants are really toxic, but did you know that many plants we all have at home are toxic for your animal? Avoid these plants: Narcissus, Chrysanthemum, Philodendron, Oleander and Azalea.  For those people who have cats, you should avoid Lilies because they can cause serious problems with their kidneys.  These plants can be found usually at your nanny’s home, but probably you shouldn’t worry so much about that, because the new generation probably never heard of these plants. If you are visiting your grandma,  better leave your pet at home before checking what kind of plants there are at nanny’s place.


Narcissus Can Cause Trouble To Your Pet


Chrysanthemum Can Cause Trouble To Your Pet


Philodendron Can Cause Trouble To Your Pet


Oleander Can Cause Trouble To Your Pet


Azalea Can Cause Trouble To Your Pet

9. Pennies Are Poison to Your Pet

Rare people know this fact, but it’s true. Pennies that are minted after 1982 have so much zinc in them. There is one case recorded, where dog was poisoned because he ate a penny.

Pennies Are Poison To Your Pet

These pennies are extremely dangerous for dogs’ and cats. Keep this in your mind and be careful where you leave your money, because it can be fatal for your pet.

8. Chocolate is Very Bad For Your Pet

Every dog owner probably knows this, but did you know that chocolate can cause trouble to cats too. Small doses of caffeine which can be found in the chocolate are very toxic and can cause serious trouble to them.

FInd Out Why Chocolate Is Not Good For Your Pet

I know that your pet is looking at you very cute to give him some piece of that chocolate, but keep in mind that can lead to permanent blindness for dogs’ and can poison your cat. Sometimes it’s better to be the bad guy.

7. Medications For Humans Are Not Meant For Your Pet

This is very serious. Medications that are meant for Humans can seriously harm Animals.

Medication is Very Bad For Your Pet

Everybody keeps medications at home for just in case, so be sure that your pet can’t reach the following medications: Any kind of antidepressants, Ibuprofen, Midol and Aspirin. This wouldn’t represent a problem for you as an owner if you care for your pet.

6. Keep Your Pet Away From Fertilizers

If you live in a house and you have a garden then you need to see this. Fertilizers can hurt your pet, but it’s not fatal. That will lead to vomiting, difficulty swallowing and diarrhea but the good news is that your pet will survive.

Fertilizer is Very Bad For Your Pet

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