10 Awesome Cat Facts That Will Leave You Speechless

6. The Oldest Cat in The World Died Before Turning 38 Human Years

The Oldest Cat In The World #Cat Facts

The oldest cat “Creme Puff” from Austin, Texas, was born in the 1967 year and died on 6th August 2005. Typical cat live up to 20 years, which is around 96 human years. This cat was living for almost 200 hundred human years!? So you want to tell me this is not one of the most interesting cat facts in the world?

5. Average Cat Spend More Than Half Day Sleeping

Average cat spend more than half day sleeping #Cat Facts

Cats love to sleep, every opportunity they grab and use it to sleep. There is another one from the cat facts that says: If in average cat sleeps more then half of the day. That means a nine-year-old cat has been awake for only 3 years in its life.

4. The Egyptian Cat “Mau” is The Oldest Breed of Cats

The word “Mau” comes from Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians used the word “Mau” for a cat, which is not that the breed was the oldest but the word itself.

3. The Earliest Ancestor of The Modern Cat Was Living About 30 Million Years Ago

Proailurus (means “before the cat” or “Leman’s Dawn Cat“) that appears about 30 million years ago, is considered to be the first “true cat“. The truth is that all modern cats evolved from miacoids that existed about 66 to 33 million years ago.

2. In 1888, More Than 300,000 Mummified Cats Were Found in Egyptian Cemetery

300,000 mummified cats were found in Egyptian cemetery #Cat Facts

The Egyptians thing was to mummify themselves, but also they mummified their beloved cats. We know that Egyptians Mummified their cats, but 300,000 of them found in only one Egyptian cemetery sounds crazy. Imagine the number of cats that Egyptians mummified in that many years along the time they’ve lived here.

1. The Most Popular Pedigreed Cat is The Persian Cat

The most popular pedigreed cat is the Persian cat #Cat Facts

Persians are not the best choice for a house full of young children and dogs. But that also doesn’t mean they can’t have a gentle touch with a child or peaceful dog that doesn’t chase them. To keep a Persian cat you need to first take care of their coat, to always be in top shape. They are very unhealthy cats, so if you keep Persian cat be prepare to give some money to vets and medicals.

These are one of the most interesting cat facts in the world, we hope you like them so don’t forget to share with your friends and family.
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