10 Awesome Cat Facts That Will Leave You Speechless

A lot of the cat facts are interesting, but there are few of them that can leave you speechless. There are more than 600 million cats in the world, yes I said 600 million, quite awesome. The cats can be very generous but sometimes very angry animals, it depends on their mood and what woke them up from the 10th time in the day. Anyway, we all love cats and we know that they are adorable creatures. Imagine, cats started to be appreciated in the time when the Ancient Egyptians started to believe that the cats are Ancient creatures and also their own God. Did they know something we don’t know today or is it something else?

There are a lot of cat facts in the world but which of them are the most interesting and amazing we will see now.

This Cat Facts are Just Some of The Very Famous we all Know

  1. For all we know some people say that your pet (that includes your cat) can predict your own death, also they can sense their death coming.
  2. Did you know they also feel when there will be an earthquake or some similar natural disaster?
    Well, this is something you need to ask yourself how…

We can find a lot of cat facts on the internet, and where we find cats, we also find celebrities. Yes, I said celebrity cats that have millions of follower on social media.

10. The Richest Cat in The World is Blackie. Blackie Owner “Ben Rea” Left More Than 15 Million Dollars. This is on The List of The Most Interesting Cat Facts

The good thing is that Blackie owner was not a criminal that abused the cat into teaching how to speak. But the ability to talk did get his owner in trouble. When Blackie was just a kitten, his owner said that some voice popped into his head that said: ” The cat wants to talk with you”.

Blackie is The Richest Cat In The World

After that Carl spends a year teaching his amazing cat how to say some words like “I Love You”, and “I Want Mummy”.
The talking cat video made from the “Talking Kitty Cat” on their YouTube Channel is something worth seeing…

9. Did You Know There Are More Than 63 Million Feral Cats in The United States Alone?

These Cat Facts Are Amazing

If there are more than 63 million feral cats in the United States, imagine how many cats are in the world?
Well, there are more than 600 million cats in the world, this also includes pets, strays, and 100 million wild cats, yes a 100 million wild cats that we need to start adopting.

8. Cats Are Known to be Sensible to Vibrations. They Can Sense the Earthquake 10 to 15 Minutes Before Humans

There are a lot cat owners that witnessed how their cat or dog is acting very strange before the ground shock. They start to bark and whine for no reason, also showing signs of nervousness and restlessness.

This Is One Of The Best Cat Facts I Have Read

The question “Can animals predict an earthquake” was first recorded in Greece 373 BC, many dogs started to bark and rats started to make weird sounds before the earthquake.

7.  The Cats Body Temperature is Between 100.5 and 102.5 F

Your cat can get sick if the body temperature drops below 100 or above 103 F.

Interesting Cat Facts That You Need To Know

Symptoms Of Low Body Temperature in Cats

These are the mild body temperature symptoms in cats:

  • Cold Skin
  • Shivering
  • Lethargy
  • Listlessness

The moderate low temperature in cats symptoms are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Slow heartbeat
  • Slow, shallow breath

Very severe low body temperature in cats:

  • Coma
  • Collapse
  • Death

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